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braces colors

What Are The Most Attractive Braces Color Ideas?

18 October 2022

One of the most crucial decisions is the color of your braces. Below, we'll go through several considerations while picking the best braces colors. If you utilize the right tone, your grin will glow, and you'll feel more confident. However, ...

Teeth Whitening

How long does teeth whitening last?

11 October 2022

Teeth whitening is a process that aims to make your teeth whiter and brighter. There are various types of teeth whitening methods including UV light therapy, standing down stains, and bleaching. Many teeth whitening Miami fl products are available, and ...


What Do Braces Consist Of?

29 September 2022

Braces apply pressure to your teeth over time to gradually position your teeth in a particular direction. Even the bone beneath them morphs. According to braces Miami Florida specialists, These materials make up braces: The little squares on the front ...


What is Gingivectomy?

22 June 2022

 It is one of the most used periodontal surgical therapy and is commonly done for aesthetic and prognosis of teeth. The process is more likely to be done by a periodontist. It is a procedure in which the surgeon cuts ...

Gingivitis Treatment

What Are The Main Causes Of Gingivitis?

16 June 2022

Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gums. The symptoms vary depending on the severity of the disease. In the early stages, most patients may not experience any signs. Healthy gums are firm and pink! But as Gingivitis progresses, the ...

power chain braces

What Is A Power Chain In Braces, And Why Do We Need Them?

10 June 2022

If you wear braces or are considering having them, you may have heard of something named power chains. Your orthodontic specialist uses an adjustable elastic chain to apply additional force. A braces power chain resembles a chain because it comprises ...

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