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WHAT'S YOUR PAP DATE Cervical Cancer update

Official Statistics Regarding Cervical Cancer – an Overview

4 October 2022

It has been recently estimated that as many as 14,100 women will be diagnosed yearly with malignant cervical cancer in the United States alone. Throughout the world, the number of diagnoses for this disease in 2020 was as high as ...

Pediatric Orthodontics

What is the Importance of Pediatric Orthodontics?

3 October 2022

Pediatric Orthodontist Miami can resolve the teeth and jaw-related problems of your children. They play a vital role in protecting your child from severe oral issues and also ensure that the kids get the treatment before it becomes painful. Therefore, ...

Invisalign doctor

How to choose an Invisalign doctor?

3 October 2022

Invisalign treatment is an effective way to achieve straight teeth and beautiful, healthy smiles. The clear aligners or Invisalign are safe, comfortable, and prudent, providing a subtle and non-invasive treatment method for you with long-lasting results. Precise aligner treatment is ...

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