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3 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Yoga Practice

Essential oils have several benefits, and One of the main advantages is to use them during yoga practice. The essential oils are extracted from some natural sources like from the bark of trees, flowers, stems, and the roots of plants, e.g. tea tree essential oil. Anyone can buy the essential oils online easily. It is a good website from where everyone can purchase tea tree oil. This oil is 100 % pure with no artificial ingredients. These are used from ancient times in many home remedies. The main characteristic of essential oil is its aromaticity. Its aroma offers both stimulation and elevation for the mind, but it can help promote a better sense of center, which can help with the spiritual connection. Individuals who may have trouble focusing or centering themselves during yoga or meditation might benefit from incorporating essential oils differently. In this article, the following three methods are described by which essential oils can be incorporated during yoga practices.
  • Diffusion of essential oils in the air by using a diffuser.
  • By using aromatherapy jewelry
  • By using mat mist
The application of essential oils along with yoga is one of the best methods for self-care oneself.

Diffusion of essential oils in the air by using a diffuser.

For this purpose, a diffuser is used, which can be easily purchased from the market. Diffusers help to diffuse these aromatic oils in the air during yoga in that specific area. This method is the best way to incorporate the oil. This step before yoga makes it very effective. This method is straightforward to achieve. It would be best if you put few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and turned it on. Diffusers are designed to produce vapors of fine droplets that suspend imperative oil droplets in the air for an extended period. The diffuser alternative is to put a few drops of the oil of your choice on a cotton ball. Then these cotton balls infused with essential oils are placed in the vacuum bag to fill your place with unique scents while vacuuming. One more option is to mix a few drops with distilled water in a spray bottle or put a few drops in water and heat it on the stove spreading essential oils in the air.

By using aromatherapy jewelry

Using aromatherapy jewelry is a fashionable way to incorporate essential oil into yoga. In this, aromatherapy jewelry like pendants, bracelets, rings, etc., are used. Aromatherapy jewelry is designed in such a way so that they look presentable and beautiful when wearing. Take few drops of oil and placed them on the jewelry to incorporate them. There are some other options as well. You can use lava beads in your jewelry because they have porous, which can absorb and diffuse essential oil. Then these jewelry pieces are bought near the nose and breathe deeply to benefit the absorbed essential oils.

By using mat mist

By using mat mist The use of mat mist is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of essential oil in yoga. Mat mist is the disinfectant mist. It also helps to keep your mat fresh, clean, and safe. For making mat mist, take a spray bottle and put some drops of required essential oil in the bottle. Fill the remaining bottle with the distilled water and shake it well to mix it properly. Then use two to three pumps of this mist on the mat. After this, clean it properly with a towel cloth or sponge. This will freshen your carpet and incorporate essential oil into yoga. Oil and water are immiscible, so shake the mat mist well before every use.


Several other methods can also incorporate essential oils into yoga practice in addition to these three ways. The different modes include:
  • Breathe the essential oil before, during, and after the yoga session.
  • Rub the essential oil on body parts, i.e., foot, arms, etc.
  • Rubbing the required oil on the feet is effective than other parts of the body. It is because feet have a large size of pores that will absorb a significant amount of oil. It also helps to absorb the oil faster. Also, the oil reaches the bloodstream quickly.
  • When you take a deep breath during yoga, a large amount of oxygen moves into the lungs that cause relaxation, hormone balance, mental satisfaction, soothing effect, and the respiratory system. But, if yoga practice is paired with essential oils, then this act will help achieve your target goals more effectively.

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