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Nutrition for Pregnant Women

A healthy diet for a pregnant woman is very important as the development of the baby in her womb largely depends on the type of food that she takes. The time during conception and subsequent weeks are very important as, it is during this time when the organs and systems of the body are in development phase. During this time the body of the woman prepares itself for the future. The energy for the creation of this system is derived from the nutrients that the woman consumes. During pregnancy a woman must be very careful about the intake of nutrients and her diet as another life is completely dependent on her for its nutrition.

A few tips for women who are pregnant are:

The first step that you must follow is to start from the basics of pregnancy nutrition. It is very important to understand what the healthiest choices of food are and what you must avoid during pregnancy.

When you choose sea food you must be very cautious because some species of fish contain very high levels of mercury and this makes them very dangerous for the development of the baby’s nervous system. However sea food is a very good source of protein and the omega3 fatty acid found in fishes is very good for the development of baby’s brain. But you must be careful while choosing the sea food.

During pregnancy you are at a higher risk of food poisoning due to bacteria. So, you must avoid raw meat and poultry.

You must not have unpasteurized dairy products. Dairy products like skim milk, mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese can be a very healthy part of your diet.

Hydration is also a very important aspect of your diet during pregnancy so you must ensure that you consume at least 2000 ml water every day.

You must eat frequently. Some healthy snacks like eggs, bread toast, peanut butter, etc. are great options for instant snacks.

Pregnant women very often feel craving for certain food items. In such a case you must learn to avoid cravings and find healthy substitutes for the food you are craving for.

The nutrients that are very important during pregnancy are: proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, folic acid and fat.

Vitamin B complex is also very essential for pregnant women. It is useful in maintaining the proper functioning of nervous system, muscles and the heart. It is found in cereals, grains, eggs and green vegetables.

You must also choose baked food over fried food. Baked food is definitely a healthy choice as compared to fried food.

You must avoid canned and preserved food. Fresh cooked food has more nutrients than preserved food. Also canned foods have sugars hidden in them which you must avoid.

You must also avoid fast food. These have content of fat and are very low in the content of nutrients. So your home cooked food is definitely better than them

A proper and balanced diet is very essential for women when they are pregnant. You must consult your doctor regularly and chalk out a proper diet plan together with your doctor. Alcohol is a strict no-no for pregnant women. You must always go for healthy alternatives of any junk food that you like.

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