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What Are The Different Types Of Dentures And Their Advantages?

Are you someone confused about dentures? Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and surrounding tissues. We understand many people get confused because dentures have various types and each has its advantages. For helping you get out of this problem we have penned down four various types of dentures and their advantages in this article with their specification. Make sure to read this article till the very end to not miss out on information that might be helpful for you in the future.

What are the various types of dentures and their benefits?

There are multiple different types of dentures available in dental bonding, we have mentioned almost every type of denture below, make sure to read them carefully and choose them according to your dental needs.

1. Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures are full dentures that are removable devices that are used as a replacement for the teeth under the jaw getting infected or lost. Benefits of complete dentures-
  • Complete dentures help restore the ability of eating and chewing
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence
  • Offer beautiful and young appearance
  • Correct improper speech due to missing teeth
  • Complete dentures can last for more than 10 years
  • Low on cost

2. Fixed Partial Dentures:

Fixed Partial Dentures are also known as implant-supported bridges used in existing teeth abutments. Abutments are the support base of adjacent teeth for the denture. Fixed partial dentures offer replacement of one or more missing teeth in a row with two dental implants. Fixed partial dentures are not removable. Benefits of fixed partial dentures-
  • Enhances aesthetics
  • Popular among patients
  • Stronger and stable than removable false teeth
  • Constant tooth positioning
  • Longer preservation of the oral establishment

3. Removable Partial Dentures:

Removable dentures near me offer the proper replacement of teeth by attaching a gum-colored plastic supporter that usually consists of metal which helps in offering support to the denture in place in the mouth. Partial dentures are used for one or more natural teeth in the jaw. Benefits of removable partial dentures-
  • Natural-looking
  • More durable
  • Easily to remove for cleaning
  • Not easily breakable
  • Cost-effective
  • Comfortable
  • Less time was taken than full dentures
  • Maintain and prevent teeth shifting and teeth bonding

4. Implant-Retained Dentures:

The implant-retained denture is made after combining two parts that are implants and the denture. These dentures are easy to maintain similar to normal dentures, whereas implants are maintained just like natural teeth. Implant retained dentures enhance and offer stability for chewing better than traditional dentures. Benefits of implant retained dentures-
  • Implant retained dentures are more stable and strong than other
  • Did not get loosened easily
  • Offer strong ability to bite and chewing
  • Provides comfortable and custom fit
  • Maintain the jaw
  • Prevent further bone loss
  • Aesthetic and natural-looking than traditional dentures

The Conclusion

We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing more about dentures types and their advantages. If you are someone looking for a cavity filling dentist then make sure to visit our website where we have an expert dentist that will provide you with the best dental procedure for cavities including tooth cap.

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