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Stop The Hands of Time with Super Foods

We live in an era where staying youthful is an obsession for many; between Botox, Restylane and many other fillers tasked with turning back the hands of time, it would seem that people are willing to inject just about anything to stop the clock. Surgery and injections are drastic; especially considering the best anti ageing skincare treatment can be found in the foods we eat; foods brimming with essential fats, vitamins and minerals not only benefit our bodies but they help keep us looking young and vital naturally.


This crimson jewel is packed with vitamins and nutrients; and most importantly the antioxidant powerhouse, polyphenols. This powerful antioxidant is known to diminish cellulite and boost collagen.

Lean Meats, Oysters and Poultry

Lean meats, oysters and poultry contain zinc, which is great for conditioning the skin; it also helps to tame oil production. And oyster are also thought to boost our sex drives; and the endorphins released during the deed are great for glowing skin- but we knew that already didn’t we.
  • Blueberries
Blueberries are a dynamo; they are packed with antioxidants that prevent cell structure damage, which can lead to wrinkles and loss of skin tone.
  • Strawberries
Yet another berry- noticing a trend? Strawberries are high in vitamin C; and unlike the other foods on this list, when used topically it helps to gently exfoliate the skin; due in large part to the salicylic acid that naturally occur in this fruit.
  • Nuts
Although nuts have a reputation of being fatty, rest assured these fats are good for our skin and body. Nuts are full of essential fatty acids and vitamin that contributes to moisturized skin. Nuts can also provide relief for mild psoriasis and eczema.
  • Honey
Honey is an excellent blood purifier; it also cleanses our bodies of toxins. And less toxins running wild inside of our bodies, the less will be expelled through our skin.
  • Eggs
Another food that is full of zinc; and zinc along with the aforementioned benefits, helps reduce signs of acne.
  • Dark Chocolate
Another excuse to eat chocolate; this fan favorite is full of antioxidants that help to soften the skin and reduce wrinkles. One thing to remember about chocolate is to look for over 60% cacao content in order to get the antioxidant benefits we’re after. Although it would seem easy to run to the nearest clinic and get injected; it’s far cheaper to harness the power of food to boost our skins vitality naturally!

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