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Step-By-Step Guide For Placing Invisalign Braces

Invisalign aligners are effective dental appliances widely used to address dental issues like crowded teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, and many more. Many patients stated they benefit from clear aligners because of their unique features like comfortability, ease of use, and invisibility. If you're curious about placing braces, just explore the invisalign doctor site login and gather detailed information about them. This is an advanced approach in the dentistry field, allowing individuals to enjoy their favorite food without restrictions and follow proper hygiene habits. This consists of a detailed guide about placing the Invisalign Braces process.

First Consultation with Orthodontist

Invisalign braces are a versatile approach to addressing orthodontic issues, but they are not suitable for all dental problems. So, to make informed decisions, orthodontists perform a brief oral dental examination to determine the patient's complexity or willingness to wear invisible trays. During the first consultation, the orthodontist will assess the patient's jaw and teeth to confirm whether the patient is perfectly fit to get clear aligners. However, the Bay Harbor Islands orthodontist team will guide you through the cost, number of dental visits, treatment duration, and instructions on how to wear and take care of your aligners. The dental team will make a treatment plan on how to make the best use of modern braces.

Orthodontist Will Create(Customise) Treatment Plan

Once decided with Invisalign treatment, x-rays, photographs, and impressions are taken of your teeth to begin the orthodontic journey. These are then sent to the laboratory, which generates a 3-D rendering and model of the desired teeth positions. Dental professionals can check the work on their computers before placing the patient's teeth. Adjustments may occur between the office and Invisalign, and trays are tailored when patients are satisfied with the aligners.

Wait for your aligners

Patients must wait approximately a month for aligners to arrive at the dental office.

Visit to Dentist's Office For Placing Aligners

Patients must visit the dentist's clinic when aligners arrive at the office. Each one is unique and designed to be worn in a particular order. With the help of special dental equipment, orthodontist North Miami snugly fits the aligners over the teeth. It is worth mentioning that each set of clear trays is exchanged every two weeks. Each aligner will shift teeth into their desired or straighter positions as part of the orthodontic journey. It is essential to eliminate aligners while eating, drinking, or maintaining oral hygiene practices.

More Confident & Radiant Smile

Once the Invisalign treatment is completed successfully, you will have the confident smile you've sought for a long time. However, you may need additional dental adjustments, like retainers, to give bones time to adjust or harden the nearby positions of your new teeth. Depending on the patient's condition, the duration of the Invisalign treatment may vary from person to person, but it often takes between 9 to 18 months.

Wrapping It Up

If you have orthodontic issues, such as broken, fractured, or missing teeth, consult an orthodontist immediately before the conditions worsen. After dental examinations, the dentist will recommend clear aligners, especially when the teeth are not in critical condition. The best part is that each patient will get access to the Invisalign login, where they can view their upcoming appointments or read a brief about the orthodontic treatment.

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