Thursday, 30-05-2024

How To Lose Weight Even If You Love Food

Folks checking out at the grocery store are visually assaulted by magazines touting weight loss methods. People see ads on buses stating the benefits of losing weight. No one needs ads to know they should be at a healthy weight. The problem is that everyone loves food. They don’t want to give up their deep-fried favorites or their desserts. If ads and magazines made weight loss look appealing, then people would jog to the rabbit food counter. Unfortunately, folks have to visualize a healthy body for themselves. What they need is a few hints how to lose weight eating the foods they love.

The first hint concerns food itself. There is conflicting information about carbs, calories and processed foods. The skinny is that carbs and calories aren’t bad. Ingested food morphs into carbohydrates. These are muscle food because they provide the energy the muscles use. Counting calories is necessary to weight loss. If dieters reduce their caloric intake by 500, they will lose 25 pounds in a year. That is the newest information from dieticians who have renounced the former 3,500-calories-equal-a-pound-of-body-weight equation. Processed foods are poison. The colorings and preservatives are unusable by the body. They reside in the colon until the body is flushed out. Instead of buying processed foods, dieters should buy the raw ingredients and make things themselves. Buy nuts, M&Ms and dried fruits to make a trail mix, for example, instead of buying processed snacks. Peanut butter on whole wheat crackers is a great snack. The fiber is of better use to the body than processed snacks.

Properly cooking foods dieters love is the second hint to losing weight. If dieters love fried foods, eat them. They should know, however, that some oils used in frying foods are not healthy. Virgin olive oil is expensive, but when used in moderation it is healthy. A cheap alternative is canola oil, which isn’t bad. Those who have suffered from gall-bladder removal will know how to bake their foods or use the slow cooker instead of frying foods. The foods will taste the same, but they will be cooked in a healthier manner. People who have heard that protein isn’t good for them will rejoice to know that the body needs protein. What it doesn’t need is the fat content of some meats. Lean cuts of meat are better for folks, in addition to fish and fowl.

How can people lose weight eating pizza, hamburgers and ice cream? It can be lost by limiting the amount consumed of these foods. Instead of deep dish pizza, eat a thin crust. Don’t eat the whole thing, but eat two or three slices. Take some for lunch the next day. Hamburgers are okay, if one is eaten in exchange for a lean pork chop and small salad at supper. Trade a calorie-correct meal for a treat once or twice a week. It is psychologically as well as physically satisfying and it nearly beats attending an adult weight loss camp. The secret is moderation, common sense and having some fun with it.

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