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Braces Color

What Are Some Funny Braces Color Combinations?

If you have bands on your teeth, it's always fun to choose a new color for those bands. You might have picked green, red, or white colors during the holidays. Or before Halloween, you wanted orange and black for a candy corn effect. But during the summer, you might feel good because you will have more color options. You can pick red, white, and blue if you are close to the end of July week. So, in this article, you will learn various braces color ideas for this summer.

Pink and purple

Depending on what type of bands your dentist uses, you might have several color combinations, or you might only choose a single hue to pick from. Either pink or purple is a great feminine choice for the braces. Mainly if you have limited color options like neon or black. While pink and lilac may be one of the colors, you can choose for bright summer. If you are still determining how you will look in pink or purple, then summer is the perfect time to try them out.

Aqua and yellow

If you want a perfect color combination for your teeth, they will be brighter or white. Aqua will be an excellent option for suffering because it's bright and matches the sea and oceans. Furthermore, yellow symbolizes sand and the sun, so you can consider choosing the color combination. If your dentist has metallic bands, you can consider gold bands instead of yellow or aqua.

Aqua, pink, and yellow

Summer is all about color combination and brightness, so if you choose neon aqua, yellow and pink, you will have bright colors. You might be able to pick many colors depending on how bands are used. Also, you can make and create fun with various other patterns using different combinations.

Dark purple and red

You should try red and dark purple if you want a classic color combination that attracts so much attention, as neon colors will. These are two fashionable color combinations for brightening and white teeth. Especially if you favor the best braces colors or a single color with your clothes. Getting braces related to your wardrobe will help you maintain a happy and better look.

Blue and bright pink

Light blue braces and bright pink combinations are good for summer. Because bright oceans and skies characterize Summer, you need both color combinations for your heapy and enjoyable smile. You should try some brightest blue colors or a pink that is just bright when choosing a color for braces, this might be an old-fashioned approach, but it will look great.

Green and pink

Especially neon green and pink will be perfect for a color combination for summer. Furthermore, if you don't like pink color, you can change to blue or even white for a cleaner and less feminine mix.


Since changing color will be a good option and won't affect the actual orthodontic treatment process, you can choose any idea related to your wardrobe or favorite color, or you can consider contacting the orthodontics specialist of Florida to know what color is best for you.

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