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What Are The New Methods To Treat Herniated Discs In New Jersey?

The kind of lifestyle this generation has chosen, there is no surprise that so many people are suffering from back pain issues, and one such back pain issue which is too prevalent is a herniated disk. This disorder has the capacity to create a lot of discomfort and suffering for a lot of people. So, there is no solution to this problem? Absolutely not! Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, there are new and sophisticated procedures that have the tendency to treat herniated discs. This article will look at some of the path-breaking ways through which relief can be provided to people suffering from herniated discs. If you need a personalized session, contact the back specialist.

Non-Surgical Treatments

People have always seen surgery as the best treatment of choice for extreme herniated discs, ignoring the non-surgical options. But nowadays, non-surgical therapies have grown increasingly available because technology in the medical field has advanced. Spinal decompression treatment is one such procedure in which a specialized table gradually stretches the spine, producing negative pressure that helps alleviate strain on the ruptured disc. Physical therapy and specific exercises can also help to strengthen the surrounding muscles, which can help to support the damaged region and promote recovery.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally invasive techniques are establishing themselves as an immersive option for patients who require more substantial care. These treatments use fewer incisions, which reduces damage to the tissues and allows for faster healing times. An endoscopic discectomy is one example in which a tiny camera is placed with the help of a small incision to direct the elimination of herniated disc material. This method assists in keeping the healthy tissue and provides a less intrusive alternative to typical open surgery.

Laser Therapy

Another fresh approach to minister to herniated discs that has become a renowned name is laser therapy. This non-invasive therapy employs specific laser radiation to decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and promote healing. The laser is delivered to the concerned region externally, piercing the skin and entering the herniated disc. Laser treatment is usually painless, but multiple visits to the healthcare professional may be necessary in order to acquire the best results.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has gained the trust of patients as well as of doctors in recent years, with the potential to change herniated disc therapy. For example, stem cell treatment includes infusing stem cells into the damaged disc to stimulate regeneration and repair. These cells have a remarkable ability to convert into a variety of cells, comprising even the ones found in spinal discs. This method has promise for long-term repair and enhanced spine functionality. To know more, visit the back center nj.

To Sum It Up

Long gone are those days when patients used to have a very limited number of options to get the treatment of herniated discs, but now patients have a variety of choices to choose from, ranging from non-surgical therapies like spinal decompression and physical therapy to minimally invasive procedures like endoscopic discectomy and laser therapy. If you need assistance with your back pain, consult a back pain doctor woodland.

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