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What does an Invisalign Doctor Do

Crooked teeth or jaw misalignment? Dental problems are a global concern for patients and doctors uniformly. An Invisalign dentist is an orthodontist that uses Invisalign braces or retainers to correct teeth.

If you are considering correcting your teeth with Invisalign instead of getting the traditional metal braces, you would be glad to know that the benefits that Invisalign offers beyond cosmetic surgery. Not to forget an additional factor that these are clear and removable.

People rarely realize that having crooked teeth is not just unattractive but it also causes some serious problems if left untreated. Another risk factor is temporomandibular jaw, popularly known as TMJ. The TMJ comes into play every time we talk or chew. The disorder with TMJ happens when the jaw is misaligned or something is wrong with jaw joints, which might be a result of a jaw injury.

This leads to pain and tenderness that can even pass on to neck and shoulder, as our jaws are linked to our skull.

Invisalign are proven immersive procedure and the best thing is that they are virtually invisible. These are made from a thermoplastic polymer, which is shaped, moulded, and customized according to an individual’s need. They are beneficial as each set mark your current teeth shape.

Only an Invisalign dentist can govern the right sequence and condition of your teeth. These aligners gently push your teeth in the right direction making them straighter. The dentists make sure that the aligners or retainers are placed rightly. Once set, you may need to visit the dentist every two weeks for replacements.

Fortunately, Invisalign helps to improve the patient’s bite and also widens their smile. Patients who undergo the procedure get to know that their teeth are shifting as the arch expands.

You might feel some discomfort at the beginning if you haven’t worn braces ever. But this is of no concern and is normal, this pressure abate after a few days. An additional benefit is that the Invisalign procedure is efficient and painless.

If you are in Houston, Urbn Dental provides a convenient, hygienic, and in-house facility to get the Invisalign. Our dental experts ensure every detailed evaluation. Our Invisalign dentists help determine the extent of your procedure ensuring every little detail to revolutionize the appearance of your teeth. So why wait? Get Invisalign today!

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