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What Food is safe to eat with Dental Veneers?

Are you a Dental Veneer candidate? Many people who wear Dental Veneers can keep their whole diet plan the same; certain foods should be avoided to keep the dental veneers strong for a long time.

Dental veneers help fix discoloured, chipped, or malformed teeth at an affordable price with a dentist near me Houston tx. These dental veneers are highly durable with proper care. They can stay long, especially if you have porcelain veneers; they last more than composite resin veneers. Dental Veneers are thin shells or transparent covers of either porcelain or composite resin that your dentist cements on your tooth.

Once the dentist puts in dental veneers, your dentist will advise you to avoid particular Food, raw fruits, and vegetables. Food that is hard to chew or sticky foods such as caramel should be avoided. You should also avoid drinking coffee, red wine, or berries; otherwise, your temporary dental veneer may stain. You can expand your diet by adding Food that will not harm your permanent dental surface. Once your dental veneers Houston dentist places the permanent dental veneer, you can eat certain foods. Still, you need to protect your dental veneers from damage. However, you can eat smashed boiled potatoes, eggs, bananas, pasta, chicken, and other soft foods.

What you should avoid eating with dental veneers:

Hard foods.

Avoid eating hard candies such as popcorn and nuts that can stick to the dental veneers. Unfortunately, avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots.

Tough meats.

Meat such as steak or bone-in meats are hard to chew; they can chip the veneer. You can also cut up the meat and remove the bones, making it easier to-chew smaller pieces.


Drinking alcohol makes the bonding material soft, and without a firm bond, your dental veneer may chip. You need to visit the dentist for a replacement.

Dark-coloured drinks.

Drinks like coffee, red wine, and cokes can stain the veneer. If you are drinking, make sure you drink it with a straw, so it does not come in contact directly. Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth to thoroughly remove the liquid from the mouth.


Tobacco can cause staining to your teeth and loosen the veneer material's bond. Chewing tobacco and smoking can stain your teeth hard, so avoiding smoking and chewing tobacco is better.

What you can eat with veneers:

Your dental veneers in Houston, Texas, allow eating all soft Food that is easy to chew and doesn't chip the dental veneer.


Yes, you can eat corn; make sure that the corn is cooked well, and don't bite the hard corn.


You can enjoy your pizza, too; the toppings are soft and will not harm the dental veneer. Remember not to chew the hard crust part of the pizza, be careful with that.

Boiled mashed potatoes.

You can eat the potatoes that are boiled, easy to eat and will not hurt the veneer.

In Conclusion:

Dental veneers require proper dental hygiene, which is equal to that. Proper brushing and flossing can keep your teeth and veneer solid and white.  You can get a brighter smile; schedule an appointment at dental veneers Houston, tx, today! Or call your dentist for more information.

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