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Dental Implant

What is All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure?

All On 4 Dental Implants Near Me solves multiple missing teeth problems and reconstruction of the entire mouth of a person to restore the full functionality and look. Here you will know the whole procedure of All-on-4 dental implants. Losing teeth is not an ordinary and fortunate situation that may arise due to many factors. Sometimes it is accidental, or sometimes it is due to dental diseases or aging. Regardless of the underlying cause of the tooth, you should deal with it appropriately to get a good and healthy smile. Here are the most prudent and modern methods of achieving the goal known as All On 4 Implants.

The All-on-4 implants

With the traditional style of dentures and other restoration methods, there are several aspects that many patients find limitations. For instance, it's not unusual for dentures to loosen prematurely, which leads to an embarrassing situation where the denture may come out unexpectedly. They also limit people from enjoying their favorite foods. Moreover, one main limitation of traditional dentures is the gradual loss of bone density, which results in the absence of jaw strength while eating. When we eat something, our jaw exerts some pressure, and this pressure may stimulate growth and strengthen the area with the increase in jaw bone density. So teeth loss causes gradual loose of dentist and strength over time. All On 4 Implants Sunny Isles solution offers a better outcome in all aspects. It will help secure adhesion created by embedded and anchored dental implants to your jaw bone. This approach provides the same simulation and looks like the natural teeth to prevent the loss of bone density and help maintain the jaw bone's strength. They offer more stability and solid connection compared to the other restoration processes. In addition, the patient can enjoy any food without worrying about the looseness or accidental separation at any time. With so many advantages to this method, many patients are eager to know about the whole procedure and experience it.


During the first visit, your dentist will brief you about the procedure, commitment, and eligibility for candidature. Also, this will include the complete detailed examination of your mouth with the help of X-rays and 3D digital scans, or they will review the dental health and any past dental history. The main objective of the inspection is to ensure a complete understanding of the case that may need to be addressed or corrected before the commencement of the All-on-4 restoration procedure. During the second and last visit, your dentist will obtain the bite impression of both top and bottom jaws. These impressions will help to create the molds and use them for testing and sizing the various component of All On 4 Dental Implants Aventura. Your doctor will take many measurements to place the dental implants precisely and design the shape accordingly. This is done to ensure the comfort and looks of the patients and helps to provide stability between the implants and the prosthesis.


An additional feature of the All-on-4 procedure is the preservation of aestheticism. The all-on-4 approach prevents bone loss in the jaw. So if you find any such dental issue, you should visit your dentist.

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