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What Is Scaling And Polishing, Often Known As Teeth Cleaning?

Everything that enters our bodies begins in our mouths. It is a window that serves vital tasks such as eating and drinking. On the other hand, our mouth is a breeding ground for various bacteria species that live, thrive, and increase at all times. Plaque is formed when these bacteria and food residues are not removed. This soft plaque appears as whitish-yellow or light brown on the teeth, gum lines, and between the teeth. It should be noted that this plaque is easily cleaned and removed with the proper brushing and flossing techniques.

What does it mean to scale and polish?

Scaling is a professional way of eliminating tartar with hand- and power-driven devices. It is a non-surgical technique that carefully eliminates tartar and washes out bacteria. In addition to tartar and germs, scaling successfully removes superficial stains (those found on the enamel surface). On the other hand, polishing is a non-surgical process that is indicated following scaling. After scaling, it removes any lingering stains, smoothes the teeth's surface, and restores their natural color. Dental Bridge Singapore helps you replace your teeth using a retainer, a crown, or a wing.

What is a dental cleaning?

Most people who visit the dentist look forward to their cleaning. They expect it to be a difficult and uncomfortable procedure. However, before experiencing such fears and gum illness, you should visit a gum treatment singapore dentist; they will understand the entire process.

Why scale and polish?

Plaque and tartar cause gum inflammation, which leads to bleeding in the early stages and destruction of tooth-supporting tissues in the late or severe stages. It protects our gums and teeth from developing gingivitis, the earlier stage of gum infection, and periodontitis, an extreme form of gum disease. Furthermore, periodontal disease can cause tooth movement and loss if not managed. Moreover, plaque and tartar formation cause poor breath and oral problems.

How many dental appointments will I require for teeth scaling and polishing?

The number of dental appointments required for scaling and polishing is determined by the severity of your condition and your provider's preferences. Some clinicians treat one side of the mouth (upper and lower teeth) in a single appointment. You will require a second appointment to treat the other side of your mouth. Some providers treat each mouth quadrant independently. For example, they will only scale and plane the lower right half of your mouth. At your next visit, they may treat the upper right side of your mouth. This treatment plan will require four appointments.

Dental cleaning vs. dental polishing

Dental cleaning and polishing are both critical components of dental hygiene procedures. All stages included in the two approaches, from inspection to Fluoride treatment, are significantly more effective than routine brushing and flossing at home. Dental cleaning is now slightly painful when performed with ultrasonic instruments, although polishing is less painful and feels smoother on the teeth. As a result, both processes are interconnected and mutually beneficial. Furthermore, dental cleaning is a part of the polishing technique. Schedule an appointment with teeth cleaning Singapore dentist to determine which therapy is best for you.


Deep cleaning, also comprehended as scaling and root planing, is essential for those with gum infections because it improves dental health, prevents additional damage to the gums and supporting structures, and contributes to a healthier smile.

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