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Invisalign treatment

What Should You Get Braces Or Invisalign?

Clear Aligners are fast-working, and you can get a lovely smile. Invisalign is like trays that are placed in your mouth to cover your teeth and protect them. Invisalign is a clear set of aligners that keep your teeth straight. Now your teeth can be corrected quickly. Your crooked teeth smile has a solution; yes, the answer is Invisalign. The most effective and best way to treat severe bite and tooth gap problems.

How Do They Work Invisalign And Braces?

It may be fascinating to know how they work if you take the Invisalign treatment or braces for the first time. These purposes of each treatment style will give you a better comparison of the two.

●      Braces:

Metal brackets are attached to each tooth's enamel in traditional braces. The next step is for the orthodontist to move a metal archwire between each bracket, connected to the brackets by flash elastic. You can choose many exciting colors. You can also pick clear braces, which are less obvious and match the color of your teeth naturally. After that, the best dentist in Houston changes the archwire to slowly shift the teeth back into their place.

●      Invisalign:

The dentist captures the patient's mouth in 3D to create clear aligners. A series of clear trays gently move the patient's teeth by less than a millimeter, and each tray moves the tooth more effectively than the one before it. And before switching to the next tray, you must wear each tray for one to two weeks. It is simple to put on and take off the Invisalign trays. Which is better, then? Or should you get braces or Invisalign? The best you can do is consult your dentist and then come to a solution. Book an appointment and talk to your dentist.

Does Invisalign Treat Quicker Than Braces?

You can say yes, Invisalign is faster than braces. The time taken for the treatment of Invisalign is 12 to 18 months, and they give results faster than braces. Invisalign are custom-made trays made during the treatment, the trays are changed every few weeks, and your dentist will make the new trays and place the new set of trays or give them to you. Invisalign works faster than braces to straighten your teeth. The braces procedure can last upto 2 to 3 years to complete the whole treatment, while Invisalign treatment takes 1 year or two years, depending on the severity of your teeth. And as they take less time to correct your teeth, many people choose Invisalign over metal braces. Choose Invisalign braces as a quicker option to get flawless, attractive teeth and smiles.

What Are Aligner Chewies?

It is not a yummy, tasty thing to eat aligner chewies are like stretchy cotton balls, which lets the trays stick to the teeth more firmly. When your dentist places a new Invisalign tray on the teeth, there may happen a little bounce to the trays. The chewies bounce the trays on the teeth, allowing the teeth to move into the tray nicely.

In Conclusion:

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to consult your dentist and discuss your issues. Contact your Invisalign dentist near me and make an appointment now.

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