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How To Correct An Underbite Without Surgery?

According to an orthodontist Miami beach, an underbite negatively impacts your self-esteem in more ways than one. In addition to causing jaw pain and dental decay due to excessive wear on your tooth enamel, it can also cause persistent headaches. It also causes difficulty speaking and swallowing and chronic headaches if left untreated. But just because you have an orthodontic issue doesn't necessarily indicate that you can't fix it. Modern orthodontist North Miami can dramatically increase your self-confidence and smile by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovation. Additionally, underbite treatment is no longer as intrusive, time-consuming, or uncomfortable as it once was. Surgery becomes essential only when a more serious bone issue is to blame for the poor bite. Many times, underbite correction doesn't require surgery. There are mainly two options for correcting an underbite in kids and adults:
  • Braces
  • Invisalign

How to correct an underbite with the help of braces?

Underbites can range from minor to serious, and you can use underbite braces to address them by correcting the alignment of teeth. It may also improve the appearance of an underbite by eliminating one or more teeth from your lower jaw. It will depend on how severe the underbite is. The procedure is painless, so don't worry. A dental specialist will apply a local anesthetic to the tooth extraction site. You will experience nothing more than slight pressure or discomfort. Dentists may also advise you to wear a "reverse-pull" face mask or an upper jaw expander at night to broaden the upper jaw or pull the lower jaw back into place. The pediatric dentist in Miami will assist you in selecting the best course of action.

How to correct an underbite with Invisalign?

While they use metal braces more frequently for moderate to severe underbites, clear braces like Invisalign may be an alternative for less severe underbites. Using clear aligners or retainers, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth into better alignment. You must wear these aligners for at least 22 hours daily to progressively address your underbite for up to a year. Dental elastics and Invisalign are frequently combined. These elastic bands, which fasten to "buttons" on the Invisalign aligners, exert greater force to enhance the fit of your teeth.

What do you know regarding facemask therapy for an underbite?

As the name implies, a facemask is a device worn on the face. Your chin and forehead are where it rests, and your upper jaw is connected to the gadget by elastics. You should draw your upper jaw forward to realign the top and lower portions. Commitment is needed for this therapy. You must wear the facemask for 16 hours every day for roughly a year. Children under eight have the best success, and teenagers can also benefit from it.

Can you explain the elastic treatment for correcting underbites?

The idea behind elastics therapy is similar to that of facemask therapy. They anchor the mini-plates in the skull and have elastics linked to them. The elastics inside the mouth pull the upper jaw forward to create balance.


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