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varicose vein treatment

How to get varicose vein treatment and insurance?

Varicose vein is very common issues in women. You should know what kind of doctor treats varicose veins because you should contact the proper doctor when you're ready to see if a certain therapy is right for you.

What kind of doctor treats varicose veins?

Surgery has always had the lion's share in the venous area. In the last quarter of the previous century, other opinions have begun to be heard. First of all, the study of the physiopathology of varices has been enriched with a revolutionary method: the ecodoppler. This method made it possible to study the mechanisms underlying venous insufficiency by documenting in vivo venous refluxes and their dynamics. Using this new vision, a concept of targeted, selective and hemodynamic therapy was born that has revolutionized the approach to venous pathology and debased as substitutes for traditional surgery only for profit by professionals who tended to perform them in their private clinics. Furthermore, these less aggressive methods have evolved into refined outpatient techniques both with the development of technologically more adequate surgical instruments and the creation of more effective sclerosis techniques, one for all the sclerosis method with foam or "mousse". They can tackle the venous problem by knowing its evolutionary dynamics. Angiologist can affirm that it is useful to treat varicose veins at their onset before they become more important and cause more extensive lesions that require more important and more interventions. Traditional therapy, stripping and demolishing the great saphenous vein in the groin (crossectomy), must be limited only to those cases in which it is really necessary and in which a minimally invasive approach is not feasible. Therefore, the new concept of preventive therapy was born and implemented to prevent or delay the evolution of venous insufficiency in diffuse and disabling varicose disease.

Are varicose vein treatments covered by insurance?

To determine are varicose vein treatments covered by insurance, it is important to be aware of a few things. This means that it is harmful to health and should be treated for its symptoms.

Getting insurance: ways to remove varicose veins

Patients who want treatment and removal of varicose veins can choose the method they want. It also depends on availability, based on what methods of treatment the hospital they go to offers. Some of the most common are listed and elaborated below.

1. Sclerotherapy

This treatment method is performed using a solution injected into the veins to be removed. The solution damages and heals the veins causing them to close, preventing blood from flowing. Instead, the blood will flow through other veins.

2. Laser treatment

With this method, the veins are scarred and will collapse due to the heat from the laser. The shrunken veins would come out of the picture and die. The blood presumably flowing there will flow through other healthier veins.

3. Removal of veins

Ligation and stripping is a mini surgery to eliminate veins with damaged valves. Incisions are made on opposite sides of the vein, and a type of wire is inserted into one end and out of the other.

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