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Women are so particular about beauty, but when it comes to health we often forget to care. I think both mental and physical health plays an important role in building the overall well-being. As a woman with so many responsibilities and work, we often neglect ourselves. We spend a lot of time taking care of our families and catering to the whims of others but sadly we forget to cater to ourselves.

But the reality that we aren’t receiving is that we have all got one life and one body. Shouldn’t we slow down ourselves a little from all the other liability and focus on ourselves. Making changes shouldn’t be difficult once you make up your mind. Taking one step at a time could help, alter habits here and there and you could possibly have enough time to pay attention to your health.

There’s a misconception among people. They often talk about physical fitness but completely forget about mental health. I see women suffering from physical as well as mental issues, which both count in overall health. Their family feels a sense of shame, but nothing helps. As a woman, it is important that we must take care of our health in order to continue working for our family all lifelong.

I always have a philosophy about health. God gave us beautiful lives to live; we must strive to take care of our health. If you are in good shape and state all the time, no one can ever stop you. Before you know it, you’ll feel healthier than ever and will have more energy and time to spend with people you love. Here are some of the women's health tips that I have compiled and collected through research and analysis. I hope this would probably help you as well.

Understand your family history.

It is very important to learn and know about your family history. There are certain ailments that are passed on through genes. Ergo it is considerate to know anything such existing in your family that might trouble you in the future. As women, we are prone to many ailments that run in the family such as varicose veins. Keeping a track of family history helps you answer certain questions a doctor may ask when you are down with diseases or insufficiencies.

Go for a walk.

It is important to remain physically active, especially for women. Most doctors recommend at least 30 minutes walk every single day or any other physical activity. Did you know that exercise not only helps with weight reduction but also boosts metabolism and slows the rate of aging? Exercise can help you remain relaxed and flexible thus potentially increasing your age. If you aren’t motivated to go for a walk every day, you can do yoga or workout with the help of a personal trainer.

Eat breakfast.

Many of us often tend to skip breakfast. Apart from providing us with energy, a healthy breakfast is an important source of nutrients. A good and healthy breakfast helps keep the body energized all day long. Breakfast food that is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B, protein and fiber are essential for our body to function properly. The researches have shown that if we skip our breakfast, it is less likely to be compensated with other meals of the day. If you’ll miss your breakfast, you are more likely to reach high sugar and fat. Ergo never miss on your breakfast.

Ditch the artificial sweeteners.

Studies suggest that artificial sweeteners are bad for your health. Have you heard of sugar tax? No! Many countries have added sugar tax to minimize the consumption of sugar and improve the health of their citizens. Food and beverage companies are advised to make their products without artificial sweeteners and use zero-calorie sweeteners instead of sugar. There are plenty of studies that show how bad artificial sweeteners affect our body and mind. There are better alternatives that can be used instead of sugar such as jaggery or stevia leaves. These are as sweet as sugar and even more and don’t create any bad health effects.

Drink plenty of water.

Most people drink water when they are thirsty. But the studies suggest that normal intake of water for a female should be 3 litres a day. If you are someone like me who often forgets to drink water, set an alarm for every 1 hour to get your daily intakes. Our body is composed of 70% water which is needed to be balanced, as a lot of water is lost when we urinate or sweat. Drinking water helps maintain body fluids balance. A dehydrated body cannot function properly, each one of us needs water to replenish lost fluids and to flush toxins out of the body.

Last but not least, it is crucial to take some time off from your liabilities and just relax. You deserve the best in your life, and it involves a relaxed body and mind. Make time for yourself as you do for the people you love. Self-care is an essential part of having a healthy body and soul. Get plenty of rest that your body seeks, and you’ll live a healthier life.

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