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Smile Direct Club Or Invisalign: The Answer Is Here

The traditional metal braces ruled the orthodontics felid for a long time until the alternative arrived; Clear aligners. Many people feel uncomfortable or underconfident while wearing conventional metal braces because they appear to the other person. This is one drawback of traditional metal braces, and there are many more. So to cater to this, clear aligners came into the picture, but there started a competition between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign. This article will brief you all about both the ways; Smile Direct Club and Invisalign. If you need personalized consultation, visit the best orthodontist in miami.

The Concept Of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are employed to straighten teeth instead of traditional braces. Align Technology was the first company to introduce this technology at the beginning of the 2000s to provide customers with a feasible option to standard metal brackets. Clear aligners were an improvement from traditional metal braces considering they both deliver the same treatment to straighten the teeth but in different ways. Braces were noticeable because of the use of metal wire and brackets; nevertheless, clear aligners were not visible while putting on, and it spares people who are reserved or uncomfortable about wearing metal braces. If you need more assistance, visit the invisalign doctor login site.

How Is The Treatment Of Invisalign Conducted?

Invisalign is the pioneer in this field, and that is the reason why people trust it more than any other. Below, it is explained in brief how the Invisalign treatment is done:
  • Step 1: In the first step, an appointment is fixed with the dentist who assesses your oral condition.
  • Step 2: After the assessment, the dentist will take a scan, record it to make a personalized plan, and send it to the company for making the customized aligner, keeping your needs in the account.
  • Step 3: The dentist will receive your personalized aligners from the company at this step.
  • Step 4: In this step, the dentist will fix the aligner into your mouth and make adjustments if required.
  • Step 5: In this final step, the dentist will provide you with the visiting plan to monitor your progress.
So, in these simple five steps, your treatment with Invisalign will be completed. If you need the treatment, then visit invisalign north miami.

How Is The Treatment Of Smile Direct Club Conducted?

The only big competition of Invaslign is Smile Direct Club, launched in 2014. Below are the steps involved in Smile Direct Club treatment:
  • Step 1: Smile Direct Club eliminates the doctor's role, so there is no need to visit the dentist. Instead, visit SmileShop to give a scan of your mouth for the aligner.
  • Step 2: As mentioned, a doctor will not be required in Smile Direct Club treatment, so SmileShop will give you a kit to create a mold for your teeth. Do not worry; these kits are dentist approved.
  • Step 3: This is the stage of custom-approved treatment in which a dentist assesses appropriateness remotely.
  • Step 4: In the final step, your progress will be monitored remotely.


This article has elaborated on the steps involved in Invisalign and Smile Club Treatment. We hope it has given you clarity on smile direct club vs invisalign. And if you need more guidance, visit orthodontist hollywood fl.

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