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Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

What is The Major Difference Between a Root Canal and Extraction? 

19 October 2023

When we talk about dental treatment, root canal treatment, and root extraction are two common dental terms that are often used to resolve dental issues, but the fact is that they’re different from each other in purpose, impact, and treatment ...

root canal

Top Necessary Questions to Ask Before Root Canal Treatment?

23 February 2023

Toothache or discomfort can highly affect your daily routine. The pain usually occurs if you have an infection or injured teeth. Still, you must visit the dentist for treatment in both cases. The pain in your teeth can become more ...

Root Canal Treatment

Why Would People Need Root Canal Treatment?

20 February 2023

Root canal or endodontic treatment is the last resort to save your natural teeth. It becomes necessary when the center part of the tooth (pulp) containing nerves, blood vessels, and living connective tissues becomes inflamed or infected. A root canal dentist ...

Root Canal Treatment

Effective Tips For Healing After Root Canal Treatment

3 January 2023

Root Canal Treatment is essential; if the decay reaches the third layer of the tooth enamel and causes inflammation or infection of the pulp, then your dentist will suggest an RCT. Suppose you’re preparing for or considering root canal therapy. In ...

Root Canal

What Are the Possible Dangers of a Root Canal?

15 July 2022

Root Canal Treatment, referred to as “endodontic therapy” in dentistry, is one of the safest and highest success rates of dental procedures. According to some studies, this treatment is predictable in the most successful dental practices. Still, many people are ...

Root Canal

How Long Does A Root Canal Last?

16 February 2022

If the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or damaged, then the root canal treatment (RCT) would be able to prevent it from needing to be extracted. The endodontist will save the tooth, potentially preserve the teeth for years, or even ...

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