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Root Canal

How Long Does A Root Canal Last?

If the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or damaged, then the root canal treatment (RCT) would be able to prevent it from needing to be extracted. The endodontist will save the tooth, potentially preserve the teeth for years, or even for a lifetime, by eliminating the pulp and cleaning, disinfecting, and shaping the root canals. While the teeth would no longer contain the pulp tissue, it is secured in a place by the periodontal treatment, which guarantees and continues to function the same with the other teeth whose pulp is removed. However, the root canals will last for a long time, but there are some situations where the tooth needs to be re-treated. Let's learn more about root canal treatment in depth!

What are root canals?

A root canal therapy is utilized to extract the infection from the interiors of the tooth. With this process, the affected pulp and nerve of the patient's teeth are eliminated, and inside of this the tooth is disinfected and cleaned. Then the tooth is filled, and the crown is placed. With this RCT, the dentist will help in restoring the health of the tooth and prevent the requirement of tooth removal. The treatment permits the tooth to continue functioning properly.

What are the advantages of a root canal?

The advantages of the root canal treatment stated by the dentist open Saturday are as follows-
  • Elimination of pain
  • Regaining the health of an affected tooth
  • Stopping the requirement of the tooth removal and next replacements
  • Enhancing the overall oral health

What are the elements that impact the root canal lifespan?

Following is the list of root canal factors that influence the lifespan are-
  • Quality and time of restoration
  • Patients age
  • Treatment timings
  • Teeth location

What exactly ensues during root canal treatment?

The treatment of the root canal is the last option for saving the tooth which is severely affected. The root canal dentist will do a small crevice in the patient's tooth, to eliminate the pulp out of the canal and then seal it back with a filling. To complete the process and make it long lasting, a dental crown is placed on the tooth for extra durability and strength. The patient needs to be scared of dental hygiene and protect themselves with a crown. It is suggested to maintain the oral cavity-free from infections and do not eat the hard nuts or ice.

What happens if the root canal fails?

If the root canals fail, then a new infection is developed. If this occurs with you too, then it is important to see the root canal specialist for the treatment. In many cases, a failed root canal is not at all treated. The process involves the extraction of the crown, taking out the filling material inside the tooth, and cleaning it out again before having a new crown. While in other cases, an apicoectomy is required. It is a process that includes the treating of the tooth through the root. All such treatments are suggested to prevent the tooth, and several cases are there, the retreatment is successful and the tooth will last for a long time.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above article has given the entire details of the root canal treatment and the failures. Further, to have more information on the Houston dental emergency then visit our website. You can also contact the dentist office open on Saturday and Sunday if you do not have time on the weekdays.

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