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Dentist Visit For Braces

What Happens At The First Dentist Visit For Braces?

When you first visit the dental office, the best orthodontist in Miami fl may advise taking care of these concerns before braces if you require treatment for other oral health diseases, such as periodontal issues or tooth extraction. X-rays of each tooth and your entire mouth will be taken first, along with maybe photos of your face, teeth, and mouth. If there is a problem with the gap between your teeth, they could use spacers to get your mouth ready for braces. Whether you choose ordinary braces or customized behind-the-teeth braces, the next step is to produce an accurate mold. To do that, an orthodontist will leave an impression on your teeth. Your aligners Instead of having you bite down on a tray of soft impression material for a brief time, your braces Miami Florida orthodontist may take a digital scan of your mouth.

What happens when getting the braces?

First and most important: Wash your teeth and floss before putting on your braces. Most patients report no pain during the braces treatment itself. You might wish to bring something to entertain as your bonding appointment could last up to two hours. To keep your mouth dry and hold your tongue in its position, your dentist or adult orthodontics near me will first install a device. After drying your teeth, the dentist will apply an extractant to prepare the tooth surface for bonding. They will then use a special kind of adhesive to attach the dental braces to your teeth, keeping them in their position for the duration of your treatment. A curing light will help set the bond and harden the adhesive. The dental archwire will then be threaded through the braces by the best orthodontists near me, who will secure it with ligature bands.

Do we have to take follow-up dental appointments?

Before your first follow-up appointment, you'll have 4–8 weeks to make any necessary adjustments after getting your braces on. These common "adjustments" go far more quickly than getting braces for the first time. Your orthodontist will assess your growth, change the worn-out bands, and if required, the archwire with a new set. Adjustment sessions could be advised every four to eight weeks throughout your therapy. After the archwire replacement, there may be some little discomfort for a few days, but this will disappear fast. If you have any worries, ask your orthodontist about their methods for reducing pain and discomfort.

What happens at the last dental appointment?

You won't need to wait long because braces removal could be quicker and simpler than you imagine. There won't be much bonding material left behind after removing the brackets without difficulty. Where your braces once were, your orthodontic specialist will remove the bonding material, polish the tooth enamel, and leave smooth, shining teeth in their place. The best part is that it takes roughly 15 minutes. You might need a retainer to help your teeth "remember" their new placements. Consult with your dental specialist about maintaining your smile after braces. Continue daily brushing and flossing your teeth as usual.


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