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Is Sushi Fattening?

Is sushi fattening?

Well yes and no. I mean most sushi rolls contain some fat although there are a few with no fat at all. It really depends and type of rolls you are eating and what are the actual ingredients in the rolls. Sometimes there are a lot of extra ingredients that are added to rolls that you will never see on your menu.

Lets take the spicy tuna roll for example. Is this sushi fattening? If you look at the menu you will probably think that this roll just contains rice and tuna that has been spiced up. Well it does include that but if you have read some of our other articles you will also know that this also contains added oil and often times mayonnaise, which are both highly fattening ingredients.

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Now lets look at the cucumber roll often refereed to as the Kappa Maki roll. Is sushi fattening in this case? No, absolutely not. This roll contains zero fat.

O.K. now what about is sushi fattening if you order the tempura roll? Well that should be pretty obvious. Anything tempura is deep fried, and when you deep fry anything you add a ton of extra fat. Although it may taste good you should always tried to stay away from fried food, and yes this sushi is fattening.

So is sushi fattening?

For the most part now, it sushi is a pretty healthy food you just need to stay away from the few rolls that are fattening, remember deep fried is definitely a no. Also don’t be afraid to ask your server when you order if some of the rolls contain added oils or mayonnaise, you may be very surprised in some cases.

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