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Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

If you want to replace your tooth, your dental implants Houston dentist will replace it with a dental implant. Implants give a specific bond in making your teeth look natural with a permanent or a temporary replacement of teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Essential benefits of dental implants include:
  1. Improving your appearance - Your Houston cosmetic dentist designs implants to unite with the teeth' bones so, over time, they become permanent. Dental implants have similarities to your natural teeth.
  2. Speech improvement - Some dentures restrict speaking properly, like tongue slipping, mumbling, and fumbling words. But dental implants allow speaking without any hassle.
  3. Improving the comfort - As these dental implants become a part of you with time, the usual pain or discomfort you were having with dentures will slow down as your dentist removes them.
  4. Eating becomes easy - Dental implants perform like your natural teeth, allowing you to eat your favorite foods confidently and without pain. Dentures make chewing complicated.
  5. Improving your self-esteem -Dental Implant Procedure help improve your self-esteem and bring your natural smile back. It helps you to feel better.
  6. Better Oral Health - Dental implants help in improving long-term oral health. It does not require removing other teeth. It helps in maintaining hygienic oral health.
  7. Good durability - Implants have long-lasting durability. With good care, many implants can last long.
  8. Convenience - Dental implants destroy the awkwardness and inconvenience of removing dentures and the need for messy adhesives to keep them in place. Dentures are hard to take care of as they are removable.

Various types of dental implants

Dentists have many alternatives for identifying the proper treatment for specific patient necessities. However, if you make an appointment for a dental implant near me procedure by one dentist and then see a different dentist for a restoration, your new dentist may have limited experience with, or may not have access to, the elements used by the earlier dentist. Dental implants are categorized on the type of procedure:
  1. Two-Stage Implants: A two-stage implant involves two surgeries, placing the implant into the jaw bone and stitching the gum tissue. After a few months, your dentist will perform the second minor surgery to attach the filling and restoration.
  2. Endosteal (Endosseous) Implants: Endosteal is the most commonly used implant process. Your dentist will place it as an alternative to a removable denture—endosteal implant containing screw types (threaded), cylinder types (smooth), or bladed types.
  3. Single stage dental implant: Surgically placing a longer implant into the jaw line, so the implant is on the jaw bone, on the top level with gum tissue, stitching the gum tissue and leaving the implant healing cap seeable. After a few months, the filling and temporary restoration can be attached without minor surgery.
  4. Connectors: All implants require filling and repair for the attachment or screwing to the head.

Conclusion :

Give a call or visit your Houston cosmetic dentist, and your dentist will give you a brief explanation about dental implants and veneers. Veneers dentist near me will help you with all your dental needs.

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