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What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Tooth cavity knocked teeth, and gum diseases are among the most common dental emergencies. Emergency Dentist recommend good dental practices such as bruising and flossing at least twice daily and visit your dentist for a routine checkup twice a year. Prevention with good dental care is one of the best ways to save your teeth and gums, knowing when what to do when an emergency strikes. Here are some most common dental emergencies:


Pain and swelling around your gums and teeth is never a good sign; it may indicate several conditions in your oral health, including tooth decay. At the same time, most toothaches are treatable without emergency treatment but certain like swelling and immense pain around the tooth and gums need urgent attention from a dentist. Sometimes, your dentist will prescribe some standard medicine and painkiller for minor swelling and pain, or you can gently use a cold compress on your cheeks. You should visit Emergency Dentist Near Me for your perfect and healthy smile.

Chipped or broken teeth

If you bite down something with good intensity, it can unbearable pain. To reduce pain and swelling, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your broken or knocked tooth site. While seeking emergency dental care, your dentist will suggest you be aware of biting down on stiff and tight food items and during sports and other activities that may break or chip your teeth.

Knocked-out tooth

You should be aware of the chipped or knocked teeth while eating some hard food and rinse your mouth with water. Depending on your situation, Memorial Dentist Houston may advise you of a crown or other restoration procedure. The sooner you can do this, the better your chances of saving a knocked-out tooth.

Lost filling or crown

Crowns and fillings restore previously damaged teeth back to natural appearance and function. But suppose your restoration appliances are damaged again. In that case, you need to get treated right away to avoid further damage and reinfection. Urgently you should fix it with your City Center Dentists and ask them to reapply a new crown.

Broken orthodontics

Braces are a combination of wire and bracket. They are designed to withstand daily wear-and-tear chewing, eating, and even talking. But if they stick out and poke your cheek or tongue. The discomfort while wearing slows down the alignment and straightening process. When this happens, you start trying and pushing the broken wire in a more comfortable position, but this isn’t possible. You should immediately visit Memorial Dental Houston for problem resolution. Meanwhile, you should cover the exposed area with orthodontist wax and a cotton ball. No matter how much wire irritates you, do not cut the wire for a bit of relief.

Bleeding and pain after a tooth extraction

It’s normal to experience some pain and bleeding after tooth extraction. Still, if these happen after a few hours, it’s time to call Memorial Dental Houston. In the meantime, you should place cotton gauze on the extraction site and apply some pressure by biting down the gauze. Restricting yourself from rinsing, eating, and drinking would be best until the extraction site stops bleeding.

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