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Five Addictions That Can Be Helped With Counselling

Many who are leading difficult lives have turned to addiction as a way to cope with their issues. Between work, family issues and life many feel that the addiction is a way to cope. Sadly, it separates them from the ones that they love and begins a road of destruction. Counselling is one way to help them back on the right path and road to recovery. Learning how to deal with the issues life hands them and the ways that addiction can make these issues worse.

Facing the reality of the addiction is the first step to being rid of said addiction. It’s easy to become set in your ways and focus on yourself and often people doing this don’t realize the impact it has on others lives. Addiction can lead to financial ruin, serious health issues, and death. It’s imperative that addicts face the consequences of their addiction on their family and friends. It’s often surprising to an addict at how much their friends and family care about them because they don’t see it when they’re living in their addiction.

There are many different addictions both physical and psychological that affect people. Learning how to identify these addictions is only a beginning. The person must also learn how to get rid of the addiction in order to start on the road to recovery.

Alcohol Abuse

For someone who does more than binge drinking by relying on alcohol to “fix” things in their lives. They may feel that the alcohol is helping them to cope when in reality they are becoming dependent on the alcohol and it can lead to addiction and even death. It’s quite common for an alcoholic to hide their addiction or ignore it and pretend that what they are doing is perfectly normal.

Drug Addiction

Those who are struggling with drugs may be unaware of how it affects them and those around them. A drug addict pretends that they can take it or leave it but when push comes to shove, they have withdrawals and find that they have to have their fix. There entire personality changes and they become very difficult to deal with. Learning to spot the triggers behind their addiction is one of the steps in overcoming their addiction.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are another form of addiction. With all of the hype for women to be the “perfect size and shape” many have begun living a nightmare. Men, women and teens can all suffer from eating disorders. Counselling is a great step in helping those with eating disorders to see themselves in better light and stop binge eating, purging, starvation dieting and the like. Understanding the reasons behind the addiction go far in helping them to understand and cope with their addiction.

Gambling Addiction

Turn on the television at any time and you’re likely to see someone who “has” it all. They have a fancy house, fancy vacation home, luxury car etc. With the internet, many are finding ways to spend their money on gambling and lose it all. The truth is, most of the people in the commercial are just actors getting paid to make it look like they’re enjoying such luxuries. Before you’re in financial ruin, talk to a counsellor and get the facts. Learn why you feel you need to gamble and “have it all”. It really does help to remember that sometimes, “less is more”.

Shopping Addiction

There’s nothing quite like a shopping high, that is until you get home and realize you don’t really like what you bought, you’re out of money for the month and you have bills to pay. Shopping is another addiction that many don’t really think about. Talk to a counsellor and learn how to shop responsibly. Learn to take control of your addiction so that it doesn’t ruin your life and take over.


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