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How Do Braces Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

In the beginning, thinking about getting braces, then it would be difficult to picture how your crooked teeth appear when you have straight and beautiful teeth. Although, with patience and proper treatment, the emergency orthodontist near me will soon design a smile that you will be proud of. Several advances are there in orthodontic treatment over the years, so there is always a question- how do braces work to straighten your teeth? To find out, read the entire article!

What do you mean by braces?

Braces are an orthodontic tool that is used to straighten crooked, damaged teeth or the misaligned jaw and this is also called malocclusions. These braces come in variety and consist of different components. Further, the success rate of these braces depends on various factors such as age, when you are having the treatment, and the goals of treatment.

What are the types of braces?

The types of affordable braces Miami which are readily available-
  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Lingual braces

What are the components of braces?

The material used in making these types of braces requires-
  • Brackets
  • Elastics
  • Power chains
  • Arch Wires
  • O-rings

A step-by-step process of how braces work?

Given below is a list of steps that explain the procedure of getting braces, which includes details of how they work.
  1. Initial consultation appointment
This is important, as the braces dentist near me and patients will discuss the problem and treatment plan for patients. The dental specialist will conduct an oral examination to decide the oral issues which need to be addressed. Further, the dentist will take imprints of the patient’s mouth, and once the braces are created they get attached.
  1. Bonded the braces
Bonding the brackets, that are held in a position of your teeth with a special dental glue, at the first step. The wire will run through the brackets, which are shaped in a specific way to make sure that the teeth are shifting in the right direction.  For dental patients who have been treated with bite issues, rubber bands also get bonded to braces in a perfect place with more force in some areas of the jaw or teeth.
  1. Adjustments
Braces do need a periodic adjustment from a dental specialist to work. Thus, it is vital for every patient needs to adjust your braces in his/her every appointment. However, a constant force should be put on teeth to have the braces that work.
  1. Retainers
When the braces have completed their job and are eliminated from the patient's mouth, then the patients must wear a retainer to assure that the teeth would not move out from the new and right places. The time that is needed to wear retainers is different from the time (average time is 12 minutes) and patient to patient. Hence, this is the step to get the braces! Further, the still question which arises is that - how long does it take to get braces? Having braces must require at least 1- 2 hours, this may depend on the teeth and the types of braces you go for.

The bottom line

Braces do work with the heavy fire on your jawline where it's time to change the way your smile appears. Leading to having straight teeth and an effective jawline would influence the appearance of overall health. So, this is the best treatment for everyone. Hence, visit the orthodontist Hallandale FL, to get the process done effectively and efficiently. For more details, do see our website!

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