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How Long Does It Take To Straighten Teeth With Braces?

Several problems arise when you have misaligned teeth. It would lead to various issues like unacceptable alignment, pain in the gum line, improper smile, etc. Hence, the best teeth alignment or straightening of teeth is the best solution. While having teeth straightening treatment, then the common question which comes to every mind is - what is the duration of the treatment? Generally, the treatment time will depend on case to case and would take around 12 - 24 months. Read on more to learn about the teeth straightening process.

What is Teeth Straightening?

The best teeth straightening is the technique of the orthodontic treatment which helps in fixing the broken, chipped, or crowded misalignment teeth. The process of this will improve and boost self-confidence along with the total functioning of the mouth.

What is the Process of  Teeth Straightening or Alignment?

Given below are the points that you may expect with a teeth-straightening process-
  • First, visit the top-rated orthodontists near me, who will determine the oral health and teeth alignment. Then, they will recommend a treatment that is best for you. In cases like overcrowding, the dentists will then remove the tooth or teeth before providing you with dental braces.
  • If there is a case, when the clear braces would be best for you, then the dentist will tailor the aligner tray before they fit the best.
  • After this, when you meet the dentist for the dental session of your treatment, that is the time when they will put on the dental braces. A good dentist will always guide you to have proper maintenance of teeth while flossing and brushing. Further, he or she will discuss with you the discomfort that you feel in the first few days after getting the braces with missing teeth.
  • Now, you will have the scheduled appointment with the dentist. At the appointments, they will tighten your braces or fit a new set of aligner trays at your appointments. Also, he or she will check the treatment outcomes and make any changes that they feel are essential for your treatment.
  • When they are done with the teeth alignment methods, then your teeth will get straight and the braces are eliminated. After this, the weekend orthodontist open on Saturday near me always recommend you to wear a retainer for various months to make sure that the teeth remain straightened for a long time.

Why Teeth Straightening Takes Time?

The desire to straighten teeth in one day is appealing, but the fact is that the process will take time. Because the dentist will shift the teeth ie; set them into the jaw bone to correct their alignment and position with slight pressure. This is done slowly by time to protect the teeth from damages and makes the process painless.


The above article has made you explain the process of teeth straightening. Further, if you still have any questions, then do not hesitate to visit the weekend orthodontist open on Sunday near me. Also, you may visit our website for more information.

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