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How to Choose the Right Orthodontist?

If you are looking for orthodontists because either you or your children need braces or if you are looking for cosmetic dentists, Miami has a large selection of dentists to fit you or your family's needs. orthodontic specialists offer different types of braces that can be used to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a series of transparent, loose aligners that move your teeth over time. Invisalign is used to fix teeth alignment and does not work for everyone.  Also, there are ceramic braces that are usable as a mixture of metal braces. Further, there are traditional and stainless braces that are very strong, they work in a great way, and the braces which are affordable.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any type of dental work that improves the appearance of a person's smile, teeth, or gums. These best orthodontist Miami fl professionals provide the following services:
  • whitening or bleaching of the teeth,
  • tooth reshaping,
  • bonding,
  • dental bridges,
  • veneers,
  • gum lifts, and
  • bite reclamation.

What are the types of processes performed in cosmetic dentistry?

There are several types of procedures which are available and done in cosmetic dentistry and they are-
  • Tooth Whitening

The most common cosmetic procedure is tooth whitening. Even though there are many, many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available, the dentist-supervised treatments remain the best and have the best results. They can perform tooth reshaping, it is a procedure known as enameloplasty. The enamel is removed from the parts of the tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth, this procedure can be done to fix a small chip in the tooth, or alter the length or shape of the tooth to correct crooked or teeth that are too long. Bonding is another procedure performed by a cosmetic orthodontist North Miami.  Bonding is the process where an enamel-like dental composite material is applied to the surface of the tooth, shaped, hardened, and then polished.
  • Dental Bridges

Creating dental bridges also referred to as pontics are done by the best orthodontist for adults near me. Dental bridges are porcelain crowns fused to fill in an area left by a missing tooth. These crowns are attached to teeth on either side of the bridge. This bridge is fixed and cannot be removed.
  • Veneers

The dental professional can affix veneers (very thin, custom-made porcelain laminates) that are bonded to the teeth to cover discolored teeth that do not respond well to procedures for teeth whitening or to close gaps between teeth. A cosmetic orthodontist open near me  performed a dental procedure known as a gum lift. This procedure raises and sculpts the gum-line to give the teeth a more symmetrical appearance. They can also perform bite reclamation. Patients who have ground their teeth together for years or suffer from acid reflux can excessively wear down their teeth and alter their normal bite.


When seeking an orthodontist or a cosmetic dentist, ask your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors for recommendations. If they are unable to provide you with a recommendation, you can get a list of area orthodontists from the American Association of Orthodontists. Also, focus on to find local orthodontists.

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