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Dental Braces

Is It Possible To Get Dental Braces With Missing Teeth?

Yes, you can receive braces with missing teeth. The first step is seeing a qualified orthodontist, whether you're interested in braces for a missing front tooth, back tooth, or even many teeth. If you already have crowding and decent dental health, replacing a missing tooth may only require braces. Your remaining teeth will move into position due to braces, closing the gap. A dentist for braces near me could help narrow some gaps if you have numerous missing teeth. It may lessen the number of dental implants or bridges you want, allowing you to spend less on tooth replacement. However, in other circumstances, a children's orthodontist near me might advise getting the missing tooth replaced. You can still get braces if you need a bridge or dental implant. Using them will bring the teeth into appropriate alignment and stop them from moving into the gap left by a missing tooth.

How does it all work?

Orthodontic treatment usually starts early for kids with malocclusions that interfere with the eruption of their adult molars or the growth of their teeth and jaws. The remaining teeth are aligned correctly with braces and spacers to provide a way to emerge adult teeth. Sometimes, such treatment is necessary to allow adult teeth to erupt. Braces are essential for average growth since severe malocclusions can inhibit the eruption of adult teeth. Getting affordable braces Miami for missing teeth might be equally valuable for adults. A lost adult tooth or teeth can lead to bone loss, tooth shifting, a change in your jaw and bite, and more wear and tear on your jaw joint and remaining teeth.

Can you have braces with missing teeth or implants?

It is always preferable to see an orthodontist before getting implants. We might be able to get around the implant, though. An implant's distinctive feature is that it cannot be relocated. Unlike natural teeth, which can move around the mouth, implants are fixed to the jaw bone. However, we can find a solution since natural teeth can shift around implants in specific circumstances. It is usually best to talk with an orthodontist first if you are thinking about getting an implant so that you have a clear road map and the best strategy. There is nearly always a solution and a path to a beautiful smile and flawless teeth when it comes to braces and orthodontic therapy. According to braces cost Miami, the braces treatment can be a little expensive, so you should discuss the cost and other details regarding treatment plans with your orthodontist before beginning the treatment.

Can I have braces with crowns and root canals?

Yes. Dentists remove the nerve of a root-filled tooth. They typically give the tooth a crown, also known as a cap, to protect it and the filling. You can fit the tooth or teeth with a crown with braces to move them about the mouth nimbly. It might take a little longer, and your orthodontist will monitor the procedure to ensure the tooth's structure doesn't shift.


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