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Bite turbos

What Are Bite Turbos?

Bite turbos are small brackets or bite ramps used to treat bite misalignment. Dentists place small orthodontic appliances on teeth to help correct bite problems. These bites' turbos are made from acrylic and placed on the back of the upper front teeth. Bite turbos prevent the lower teeth from hitting the braces or other orthodontic appliances, which can cause discomfort and slow the treatment progress. They can also help correct an overbite or deep bite by preventing the lower teeth from biting too far up on the upper teeth.

Your orthodontics specialists of florida will remove the bite turbos once the bite is corrected and the orthodontic treatment is finished.

They are usually used for correcting deep bites (overbites). Talk to your dentist about bite turbos and ask any related queries.

What causes overbites?

Inherited factors like jaw shape can bring on overbites and overjets. Other factors include tooth crowding or tooth loss in the lower jaw. Early childhood practices that lead to overbites or overjets may also arise while the jaw develops. These consist of the following:

  • Long-term thumb-pacifier
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Nail-biting
  • Chewing on things like pencils through the mouth

How Do Bite Turbos Protect Your Teeth?

Bite turbos are intended to reposition the bite in orthodontic settings. Overbites are frequently treated with them, and can also treat underbites or crossbites.

When you wear braces and have an overbite, your upper teeth may put more pressure on your bottom teeth. This touch may eventually erode upper and lower teeth and can cause damage to lower braces. Bite turbos protect your braces intact by preventing you from totally biting down.

Additionally, putting pressure on your teeth with a bite turbo may help your bite become more aligned however, if incorrect jaw alignment is left untreated, you can gradually apply pressure and push braces or teeth farther out of alignment.

Bite blocks are a term used in different medical contexts to describe objects used to hold the mouth open during surgery. They are not permanent or bonded to the teeth, which makes them highly different from bite turbos.

How much time do Bite Turbos last?

You can lisp at first due to the tongue's position on the upper teeth, but practice can help you overcome this. Most orthodontic patients can speak clearly after a week. Despite their small size, Bite turbos can cause discomfort and suffering, usually going away in a few days. Your dentist may prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers for this soreness or pain.

Each patient has a different need for the precise duration of bite blocks. However, bite barriers typically remain in place for six to nine months. When an orthodontist determines that difficulties with jaw alignment are resolved, they can be removed.

Only a professional dentist can remove your bite turbos because they are attached to the teeth. Don't try to remove it alone, or you may hurt yourself. Visit your dentist immediately in case your bite turbos break or are damaged.

In Conclusion:

An overbite is a common dental problem that can occur to anyone and ranges from mild to severe. Therefore, traditional braces can help treat this condition. Also, an aligner can be used to correct minor problems. Book an appointment with your dentist and start your treatment now! Please consult with the best orthodontics near me and learn more about bite turbos.

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