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What Are the Different Types of Dentistry?

Diverse dental experts care for oral conditions, from straightening teeth to cosmetic dentistry. Dentistry has a spectrum of professions in the market today that help you, from deep cleanings to dental fixtures. In this way, dentists are categorized into different types that are mentioned below:- Some Common Types of Dentistry are mentioned below:-
  1. General Dentistry
General dentists are responsible for oral hygiene, including implants, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, bonding, and dentures. They also take care of tooth decay treatments like filling cavities and performing a thorough dental examination with X-Rays, cleaning teeth, clicking pictures of teeth, gumlines, and fluoride treatments.  
  1. Cosmetic Dentistry
Everyone wants to be confident about their appearance; a smile is just a part. Are you fed up with your smile and feel ashamed in public while smiling? Cosmetic dentistry is an effective solution for this. Discoloration, alignment of teeth, and stains are part of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed through teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Moreover, Tooth bonding, teeth shaping, and implants come under cosmetic dentistry. Dental Veneers is another popular option that comes under cosmetic dentistry can be performed by fixing the gaps between your teeth, and you will get many Dentist in Newnan GA

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