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Tooth Extraction Procedure

What things should you not do after a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

After the procedure gets over, the first 24 hours are crucial. Your dentist will notify you not to touch or disrupt the extraction area on the first day since touching it can make it worse. Avoid mouthwashes until your Dental Care allows you to rinse your mouth. You can use saline water to rinse as it will clean the mouth and the extraction area and halt the bacteria build-up.

Things you should not do after a tooth extraction process:

Do not touch the suture. Your mouth will be sensitive after the surgery, and you may find it uncomfortable. Your tongue will repeatedly run over the area after tooth extraction. You will want to touch it with your fingers and poke the site, which leads to a slower recovery and can become very painful. So try not to touch the affected area. Take care of your sutures and skip sticky or hard-to-eat food as it can damage the stitches. If food pieces get stuck to the sutures, gently rinse with a saline solution and remove them. Use a gentle brush for brushing and flossing to avoid injury in the area until it heals. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. If you smoke or drink, avoid it for at least 24 hours after your procedure. Though the longer you quit, the better it is! Both alcohol and tobacco are bad for your health and the mouth's natural healing process. Your Smile Makeovers may suggest you stop drinking until it heals, as alcohol is dangerous and can interfere with your dentist's medication. Quit tobacco, smoking, and alcohol for your excellent health. Do not eat crunchy or hard foods. Eat soft and easy food to chew, which your dentist will recommend for the first few days. Your dentist will give you a diet chart of soft foods, such as pasta, smoothies, yogurt, soup, eggs, or potatoes. These will decrease your chances of damaging the extraction site or getting food pieces stuck in the affected area. As You feel comfortable, you can add solid foods into your diet after three or four days but consult your houston cosmetic dentist Do not use straws Dont use straws or any sharp object in your mouth that can hurt your wound. Drinking through a straw builds suction which can dislodge your blood clot and affects your healing process significantly. Do not overexert yourself. Keep your body calm and go easy. You can use that energy for healing soon. Avoid physical activities like running, lifting weighty objects, or leaning to a minimum. These activities can lead to a severe injury and dislodge your blood clot.


Take enough care to prevent any damage to your surgery, and if you continuously feel discomfort or pain, you can schedule an appointment with tooth extractions near me. Your dentist may remove the stitches if required.

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