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Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Can I Go Back to Work After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Most people fully recover from wisdom teeth removal procedures in three to four days. If the teeth came in at an awkward angle or were impacted then it could take up to one to two weeks. The wound left after the surgery won’t heal even after months and there’s a possibility that you’ll still get an infection. The statues in your are resorbable and usually stay in the place for 7 to 10 days but are sometimes lost earlier. The swelling and pain after wisdom teeth removal will reduce more and more each day. The second day after the surgery is usually the worst day in terms of pain and swelling. Caring for the wound will help it recover quickly given below is the wisdom teeth removal recovery timeline
  • In the first 24 hours, the blood clots will form
  • In 2 to 3 days, Swelling from mouth to cheeks should reduce
  • In 7 days, the dentist may remove the remaining stitches
  • 7 to 10 days, the stiffness of the jaw should go away
  • In 2 weeks, any mild bruising on the face should be healed.

Does it hurt during wisdom tooth removal?

To an extent, yes. The swelling, pain, and bleeding are normal after wisdom teeth removal. Visit your dentist immediately if the bleeding is excessive and unbearable, the swelling should be reduced greatly by the end of the week. All pain and bleeding should be gone completely by the week after the surgery. The healing wisdom tooth hole will almost be completed and fully closed about 6 weeks after surgery. After several more months, the indentation will usually be filled in and heal completely.

Are there any side effects of wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure and generally goes well, however, some complications might occur which could affect the wisdom teeth healing process. You can overcome these complications by following your dentist's prescription and taking good care of oral hygiene. List of side effects that can occur after wisdom tooth removal
  • Dry socket
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Pain and swelling
  • Excessive pain and bleeding
  • Lip numbness

What are the do's and don’ts of wisdom teeth removal?

Here is the list of some do’s and don’ts after wisdom teeth removal- Firstly what to do
  • Rest: Relax for a couple of the days after the surgery, but no need to be bedridden
  • Use an ice pack for the next two days of the extraction to reduce swelling and helps
  • Elevate your head:  keeping your head up help in wisdom teeth removal healing
  • Intake only  liquidy and soft food
Now the don’ts
  • Stay away from solid foods
  • Don’t eat or drink immediately after surgery
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking for at least 2 weeks


In the end, we can conclude that the above information provides us with valuable and useful information regarding the wisdom teeth removal recovery process and timeline. For further information check out

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