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Get Esa Certificate For Dogs

How to get an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Certificate?

The unique affection and companionship offered by pets are hard to find elsewhere. Having a furry friend at home can ease your loneliness or phobias. People dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health disorder are often recommended to try pet therapy for its cardiovascular health benefits. Take a look at the service animal laws comparison chart.

A pet can boost your mood and health, however, renting or flying with a pet can be challenging. Throughout the US there are many apartments, condos, and housing co-operatives that still believe in the no-pet policy. People who have emotional issues should be able to take their pets wherever and whenever they want.

There are provisions in the law assuring that if a pet qualifies as an emotional support animal (ESA) then it cannot be declined for reasonable accommodation or airplane cabin space. All you need is an ESA certificate. The letter complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act, Rehabilitation Act, and Air Carrier Access Act that provides you the right to get the assistance of support animals wherever needed.

What are the benefits of an ESA Letter?

ESA animals are trained to help people overcome their mental health disorders. You will need a sort of license to own an ESA. The license is beneficial in many ways:

Accommodation in a no pet building: With a legitimate ESA you can rightfully get accommodation in an apartment, housing society, or even a college having a no-pet policy.

No weight and breed restrictions: ESA is different from service doga. Thus, the companionship and comfort of your furry friend are not restricted by weight and breed with the help of an ESA letter.

No additional fees for airplane cabins: If you experience persistent depression while traveling then you can rightfully take your pet with you and that too without paying any additional fees for the airplane cabins. Just make sure that your pet is qualified for ESA certification.

No fees to housing associations: Landlords usually don’t approve of pets and if they do, the approval comes with a hefty pet accommodation fee. However, if you have a valid ESA letter then you can live at the place of your choice along with your pet and without judgment, discrimination, or any additional fees.

What are the steps to get a valid ESA Certificate?

The ESA letter makes you eligible to live at a place of your choice, fly with your pets, and offers you higher privileges than that of a pet owner. You need to make sure that you have a valid ESA certification. Within a few simple steps, your essential support system can be your lifetime companion.

Contact the professionals:  To begin, you need to find a reliable agency offering valid ESA letters. You need to fill up a simple questionnaire to get in touch with the professionals.

Free mental health assessment: A licensed health care professional(LHCP) from your nearby area will get in touch with you. The professionals will assess your mental health to decide, whether or not you qualify for an ESA certificate.

Select the type of ESA letter: After getting approval from the LHCP you need to select whether you need the certification for accommodation or travel.

Get your ESA certificate: The LHCP approval completes the process and within three to five business days, you can expect to have your ESA letter.

Top tips to quickly get a valid ESA Certificate

ESA letters are useful for travel and housing benefits. Many companies are instrumental in offering such certifications. Beware of the scams as there are many organizations involved in sneaking money online by offering fake ESA certificates. Before you rip off your money to get a bogus ESA letter, read these tips.

Pick licensed professionals: Only pick a licensed service, don’t fall for the online scams that promise same-day delivery of the ESA certificate. The process usually takes time as it involves multi-step assessments of the applicants.

The power of consumer reviews: Only choose a service that boasts higher rankings on consumer reviewing portals. Websites like TrustPilot or Feefo are good sources to find a credible service.

After sales support: You might want to get in touch with the company for renewal of the license or any after-sales support. So it is better to choose credible sources with compassionate service values.

Latest rules: Before making the final decision, make sure to enquire about the knowledge of the professionals. Ask them about the latest rules and amendments related to ESA policies in the US and abroad.

Safety protocols: It is always a better idea to pick a service that assures their customers with totally safe and secure protocols for payment methods.

Hidden fees: To stay away from shady services, ensure that there are no hidden fees for the acquisition of the ESA certificate.


ESA letters are significant for people battling mental health disorders. Nowadays, housing in the US region mandates a legal and valid ESA letter. If you are losing your rights to fly with your support animal or facing discrimination by the landlords for owning a pet then can help you to maintain your rights. The company administers services of licensed professionals to render the ESA certificates.



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