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Bite Turbos

What Are The Bite Turbos, And Why Do We Need Them?

According to the best orthodontist in Miami, bite turbos are small pads or ramps made of metal or acrylic. Usually, we bond them to the backside of the upper front teeth or the chewing side of any back teeth. Bite turbos come in various colors like blue, red, or metallic. They play a role of a speed breaker between the teeth to prevent a patient from biting down. Or allow your teeth to move or shift without bumping or rubbing against each other. Dentists use bite turbos to address various dental issues. Biting on a bite turbo places a certain amount of pressure on the teeth, which can help individuals with an overbite. Bite turbos can also help with a deep bite and incorrect tooth movement.

Can we wear bite turbos with braces?

Wearing braces can create a lot of biting issues. The orthodontist Miami fl explains that you may have problems when your teeth come into contact with lower braces. Among them, two are the major ones.
  1. Your bottom teeth may break or misalign. The pressure applied by top teeth might displace lower teeth instead of straightening them, which is very painful.
  1. An overbite can cause damage to the bottom braces and brackets. It is where turbos might help, as their use can make it easier to wear the braces.

Are there any significant side effects of bite turbos?

Like many other devices, bite turbos can sometimes cause problems—especially the first few days after getting them. Below are some of the most common concerns and what you can do to fix them.

Speech Impairment

For some people, Bite turbos can get in the way of your tongue while speaking, leading you to lisp or make vowel sounds incorrectly. Turbos affixed to the lingual surface of your teeth are more likely to cause this issue. According to Hallandale beach orthodontist, you know well even when conversing with individuals. The changes in your speech pattern may cause you to feel anxious about speaking.

Problems in Chewing

Chewing while having bite turbos can change the way your jaw muscles work. It may take you a little while to figure out how to eat correctly when your teeth are not meeting their standards. You may wish to choose meals that need less forceful chewing while you acclimatize to a new method of eating. According to an orthodontic specialist of Florida, foods that need a lot of chewing, such as steak, will most likely be challenging and painful. It usually is preferable to eat soft meals.


After getting biter turbos, you might feel some pain, soreness, and discomfort for the first few days. Your teeth may begin to shift into a new position in your mouth. Over-the-counter pain medicines and anesthetic gems can help reduce the pain and discomfort.


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