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What is Sashimi

What is Sashimi?

What is a sashimi?  This is a popular question that we have been hearing lately.  Is it sushi?  Is it raw fish?  Is it safe to eat?  Where can i find it?

Sashimi is raw fish, but different than sushi. Raw fish is usually an ingredient in sushi, but sashimi is raw fish. You can find these in most Japanese and sushi restaurants and is often times served on top of a small amount of rice. There are many different types of sashimi all depending on the type of fish it comes from. Some of the more popular ones are Salmon (Sake), Tuna (Maguro), Shrimp (Ebi), Sea Urchin (Uni), and Yellowtail (Hamachi).

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So what is sashimi and how does it taste?

Well we think it taste delicious, however if you are still new to raw fish it is usually easier and better to ease yourself into it by starting with sushi first. When it comes to raw fish, or any raw meat for that matter, many people are nervous, scared or revolted by the thought of it and can take some getting use to. Once you work your way up to it we think you will love it.

Sashimi dishes are also very healthy because they normally contain only raw fish and rice. It can also be eaten by itself with no rice at all and is a great source of protein and essential nutrients.

When eating sashimi it is also important to be aware of the dangers and risks that are involved with eating raw fish. While problems from eating raw fish or sashimi are rare, they are real and do occur. Often times fish is required to be freeze blasted for a number of days in order to kill off any parasites or bacteria that could be present. Make sure you are ordering your sashimi from a reputable restaurant who knows how to handle raw fish and that follows the rules. This is also more common in fresh water fish than in salt water fish so it may be good to stay away from those types of fish.

Difference Between Sashimi and Sushi

We hope after reading this you now know what is sashimi.

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