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What’s The Difference Between An Overbite And An Overjet?

Several people across the world are suffering from various kinds of dental irregularities. Overbite and overjet are one of the most common dental conditions faced by many people. If you are thinking, what is an overjet? Numerous people get confused between overjet and overbite as they sound familiar to each other. But both of these disorders are different from each other. You should visit an orthodontist near me for the treatment of overbite and overjet as they are experts who treat different types of misalignment of teeth, improper jaw movement, overbite, overjet, underbite, open bite, etc. Want to know more about these? In this article, we have mentioned some important facts about overbite and overjet which will help you in differentiating both of them.

What is an overbite?

An overbite is a type of malocclusion which causes serious misalignment of teeth that happens when your upper front tooth extends and starts overlapping the lower front teeth. It is also known as buck teeth.

What is an overjet?

An overjet is a condition in which your upper front teeth bump or stick out. And overlaps your bottom teeth. We have found from studies that overjet doesn't cause any major changes in your appearance or look but can offer you difficulty in chewing food, biting, and pain in the jaw.

What are the causes of overbite?

We have found from studies that the major causes of an overbite are due to teeth crowding, spaced-out teeth, suffering from missing teeth, or gaps between teeth which leads to affecting your front teeth' position. This condition promotes over-bottom tooth overlapping that may arise the development of overbite.

What are the causes of overjet?

We have found from studies that overjet caused due to heredity, thumbsucking, use of pacifiers aged above 4, bad habits. The development of overjet arises in childhood due to several activities such as drinking from bottles that can deliver jaw repositioning. It is recommended by dentists to get the best invisible braces, traditional or Invisalign braces to correct the misalignment of the jaw soon to avoid further health complications.

What happens when you avoid treatment of overbite?

We have mentioned some dental irregularities that can arise if you don't opt for the treatment of overbite such as:
  • Difficulty speaking or chewing
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Fractured teeth and increased wear and tear
  • Gum damage
  • Jaw pain

How to fix an overbite?

If you are someone suffering from an overbite then it is essential to visit an orthodontist to fix overbite. Here are some treatment options available for overbite such:
  • Braces.
  • Surgery.
  • Invisible aligners.

Can Invisalign fix overbite?

Yes, Invisalign aligners can fix the problem of overbite with teeth repositioning that leads to biting correction. Invisalign can treat overbite in six to twenty months.


Hopefully, you liked this article, and now you have a great piece of knowledge about overbite and overjet disorder. Both of these disorders can be treated with metal and Invisalign braces with the help of an orthodontist. You should opt for braces to fix an overbite and see braces before after effect on your teeth.

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