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What is the healthiest sushi?

Do you mean the sushi with the lowest fat content? Well that would be one of the various vegetarian rolls without avocado, they all have zero fat content. But if you ask me what is the healthiest sushi I would pick a roll with tuna or salmon in it, but not the spicy tuna, and I might even throw a little avocado on it.

Yes avocado contains fat but it is a good fat that you body needs as long as it is not in excess. Avocados can actually lower cholesterol contrary to what doctors once believed and the U.S. government has recently revised its nutritional guidelines and have encourage avocado consumption in moderation for its many benefits, and it can really be added to make some of the healthiest sushi. Avocados can help prevent cancer, are good for the heart, good for the eyes, and help you absorb more nutrients and these are just a few of its many benefits.

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Now lets look at fish and see how it can help make the healthiest sushi. Take salmon for example it provides a ton of health benefits. Salmon is rich in some of the essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium. It is also rich in many vitamins, like vitamin A, B, and D. Another reason it can make some of the healthiest sushi is because it is great for the heart, brain, eyes, metabolism, and skin. It really has all kinds of benefits. It contains omega-3′s which can be heard to find, omega-3′s help reduce inflammation, help reduce cancer, improve skin, hair and nail health.

This is why when asked what is the healthiest sushi I will always have to pick a roll with fish and avocado rather than just a roll with zero fat calories. When you order rolls with zero fat you often miss out on essential nutrients, minerals, oils and protein. So consider that the next time you ask yourself what is the healthiest sushi.

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