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Dental Crown

What is a Dental Crown?

17 October 2022

A crown dental near me is a tooth-like cap that your dentist places over a tooth to restore aesthetic look and functionality. Your dentist trims a layer for the preparation of your teeth and then uses dental cement as an ...

Pediatric Orthodontics

What is the Importance of Pediatric Orthodontics?

3 October 2022

Pediatric Orthodontist Miami can resolve the teeth and jaw-related problems of your children. They play a vital role in protecting your child from severe oral issues and also ensure that the kids get the treatment before it becomes painful. Therefore, ...

Invisalign doctor

How to choose an Invisalign doctor?

3 October 2022

Invisalign treatment is an effective way to achieve straight teeth and beautiful, healthy smiles. The clear aligners or Invisalign are safe, comfortable, and prudent, providing a subtle and non-invasive treatment method for you with long-lasting results. Precise aligner treatment is ...


What Do Braces Consist Of?

29 September 2022

Braces apply pressure to your teeth over time to gradually position your teeth in a particular direction. Even the bone beneath them morphs. According to braces Miami Florida specialists, These materials make up braces: The little squares on the front ...

Tooth Extraction Procedure

What things should you not do after a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

19 September 2022

Sapphire Dentistry may ask you about your medical history so there are no further complications during the procedure. Tooth extraction is functioned by a dentist or oral surgeon with local or general anesthesia once your oral surgeon performs the tooth ...


How Long Will It Take For a Dentist To Treat Gingivitis?

19 September 2022

Gingivitis Dental Treatment depends on your symptoms, but it usually will reduce within two weeks after your dental cleanings. If you continue to brush and floss consistently and keep your mouth healthy, Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease. ...

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